Lessons are available at Gourock Golf Club with PGA AA Professional Derek Watters. All lessons are 30 minutes long and are available at the following prices:

Individual Adult Lesson £20
Individual Junior Lesson £10
9 Hole Playing Lesson £70
Putting Lesson £10

To book a lesson, or to find out more information, please contact me here.

Wedge Fitting

CartTo be able to score you need to have control around the green. Sometimes, but not always, this requires a ball to stop quickly and is achieved by producing plenty of backspin. Some of this is obviously down to the skill of the player but also to do with the club. Friction between face and ball will increase spin.

Many tests have been carried out that prove that the grooves make a massive difference which is why there are strict rules regarding their width and depth.

To help to get around the new rules, club designers have found that making the surface between the grooves rough will help increase spin which is why we have seen an increase of wedges where the face is milled coming to the market.

As pictured above we have a Cleveland Golf wedge fitting cart to enhance your experience. If you wish to book a fitting please get in touch here.


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